Here are some of my main SUPER SUPPLEMENT formulas .
I have carefully assessed some of the best supplements and combined them into clinical doses that are very effective for the natural athlete and those clients looking at a "keto' style diet (The Healy's Health method) .
Many supplements just are not in strong enough doses or not in the right combination to be truely effective, I have worked in with our resident bio-chemist Dr.Matt Bambling and combined these together that you see listed on this page.
The other thing is that all these formulations I HAVE PERSONALLY TESTED UNDER TRAINING CONDITIONS and can tell you they are the best combinations you will get "Drug FREE" .
(Healy's Health has a natural DRUG FREE policy since out inception in 1985 .)
Graham Healy 
Founder Healy's Health 


Graham Healys has over the last 40 years been a professional and amateur athlete, worked with Rodney Campbell head naturpath of Musashi (tm) , BullivantsNatural Health(tm) , Dan Maxwell founder of Urban Muscle Supplements (our preferred recommended brand) , Graham has diplomas in sports coaching and fitness,8th dan master in martial arts certified dry needler-acupunture (Dr.Wayne Mahmoud)
 Certified in Sports Nutrition by Peter Rhodes (Sports Dietitian)
Current studies Med-Science (Dr of Chiropractic) 
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Neuro factors
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 I have put various reference links to manufacturers webs site on some of these images, however some of the images link to my personalized formulas via prepared PDF files
 Trouble is in the commercial world everybody is pushing their own product (and some of these products we   endorse and recommend and even sell on our e-shop) we do this as a service to our clients as we believe in

Healy's Health is about

   What we do recommend however is that you contact us for advise if you are confused on the choices

'out there ' we have done our research and are living examples of practicing what we preach.
Check Founder Graham Healy's background out here  
In the commercial world each company are 'pushing their product' but here at Healy's Health

we simply recommend products

that we have tried and tested over the last 40 + years .
Graham Healy has been and still is an elite athlete and health consultant for over 40 + years

and at 65 years young and this experience is available for you to draw upon


if you decide to purchase products or engage in any of our services we will do a quote for you
UP FRONT nothing hidden .

Yours faithfully ,
Graham Healy Founder Healy's Health Established 1985.


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Melrose MTC oils used in combination with UDO's oils
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