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  • What makes Healy's Health Different from the rest ?
    In a word 40 years of experience on every level from professional athlete to health consultant in numerous health transformations , rehabilitations etc. including body for life(tm) Including owning my own health centre with over 2,000 members (with 2,000+ different issues) for 20+ years I worked in asociation with Dr.Paul Ryan (Chiropractor now retired) and with a chinese trained acupunturist 'Joan' (who was a medical Doctor in China, but registered as an Acupunturist in Australia ) during those 20 years we collectively solved 'unsolvable' cases to get rapid results (in one case a 26 year old female contacted me and had been getting physiotherapy for over 10 years with very minimal results if any, we fixed this problem in 4-6 weeks as the diagnosis was incorrect in the first place. Refer leanne's Testimony page here: As time went on Graham Healy INTEGRATED all of the above into Healy's Musculo Skeletal Therapy where he merged all the scopes of practice into one Integrate approach. SO YOU CAN STOP RUNNING AROUND and AROUND IN NEVER ENDING CIRCLES from one practicioner to another ....Healy's Musculo-Skeletal Therapy has provided the Clients a ONE STOP PAIN FIX IT SHOP . (of course really complicated cases we refer out to our prefered specialists, however that scenario is extremely rare in our experience) So what makes Healy's DIFFERENT FROM THE REST ? HOLISTIC INTEGRATION ! and as stated in the Q & A questions below all the various therapies in general have a limited medical science education background or limited "Life Experience" in the real world where "theory" does not translate into "Practical applications" . Remedial massage 6 months TAFE course, diploma in Myotherapy 12 months TAFE course etc. even at University level education the actual subjects studied determine the base Scopes of practice and these can be very limited by tunneled vision, bureacracy, or brainwashing in the actual education system that moves away form client focused health to marketing, money making motivations rather then simply giving the client unbiased information and treatment plans that actually work rapidly rather then the classic "drip and feed' "Click and flick' Ground hogg day experience with a motivation of 'keeping the client' coming back in the never ending circle of little or zero real results. Refer to actual education hours and subjects actually covered at University level education for various Health practicioners in particular note the comparisons between Medical doctors base level education and Chiropractic base level education (you will be suprised) that the Chiropractic education base has 3 x time more radiology education hours (X-rays) and 13 x times more Orthopaedic education hours. of course there are different focuses the medical doctor focus is on pharmacology (prescription drugs) the Chiropractic education is focused on the musculo-skeletal, neurological and orthopaedic (integrated body mechanics) refer link here: Disclaimer : this only highlights base education hours it does not account for "specialists" in various fields who have advanced their base education to masters degrees or doctorates(professors) or the 'life experience' of the health practicioners. Another example I had an associate that had lower back issues and every week went to the same health practicioner for his regular "click and flick' I asked my associate "can you touch your toes ? his answer NO! " (95 % of lower back issues are due to inflexible hamstrings and iliopsoas muscle groups) this was the root cause but he continued to do the "click and Flick" without addressing the "root cause" the result was NOTHING CHANGED except his bank balance, sometimes you cant help the brainwashed unfortunatly. (refer Q & A Question 5 below ). Where as Graham Healy has spent 5 years at University level education in med-science-chiropractic (completing 2021) plus diplomas in sports coaching & fitness(Master Personal Trainer & Sports Coach) as well as a qualified TAFE teacher, completing Master in dry Needling (2021) plus a long history as a professional martial arts instructor & athlete and as I mentioned 20+ years successfully running rehabilation of hundreds of clients in a fitness centre setting in association with a Dr. of Chiropratic(now retired) and a Chinese acupuncturist (previously a Medical Doctor in China) Graham has now INTEGRATED ALL OF THE ABOVE into a ONE STOP PAIN FIX IT SHOP we are always the LAST PORT OF CALL for clients usually because they have become sick and tired or "just frustrated" of the "click and Flick" " drip and feed" never ending circle of "Practicioner Ground hogg day" with little or zero results to their pain or musculo-skeletal issues, Thats where Healy's Can Help. refer : also refer Healy's Musculo-Skeletal Therapy's scope of practoice and legal disclaimers here: Disclaimer : my commentary is based on my experience and education over the last 40 years I am not in any way saying that there are not good health practicioners "out there" there is but the issue is trying to find a "good one" that is totally client focused and not money motivated unfortunately the so called health industry has become commercialised and in most cases backed by billion dollar big pharma when it comes to pushing various prescription drugs addressing symptoms rather then solving the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. Healy's Musculo Skeletal simple health policy is YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST ASSET this means INTEGRATING total health mind, body and Spirit, addressing the ROOT CAUSE of pain and musculo-skeletal imbalances rather the addressing just the symptoms. 95% of all Unhealthy individuals can be traced back to Lifestyle and diet and exercise patterns. Healy's work towards Maximising natural integrated Total Heath and minimising any reliance on (prescription drugs where possible in cooperation with your Medical GP) YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR GREATED ASSET
  • what makes Healy’s health different from the normal Chiropractor? Or any other health professional?
    Many Chiropractors today are focused on what I call the ‘drip and feed’ money making model or the ‘click and flick’ model in fact many physiotherapists and medical Doctors are the same ITS ALL ABOUT BEING MONEY FOCUSED not RESULTS & CLIENT FOCUSED! Healy’s health will never do that ! And that’s why Graham Healy keeps a very close circle of preferred health practitioners that have been tried and tested by Mr. Healy himself. He looks at every client as part of my extended family and that’s how he operates and has always operated as a personal relationship based practice based on ‘Real long term results’, not processing ‘numbers’ ‘click and flick’ ‘churn & burn’ ‘drip feed’ never ending cycle of the NO RESULTS pathway cycle followed by 98% of health practitioners, who look at the clients as an income source rather then somebody to be healed or helped long term . I've noticed that I am consistantly bombarded by Chiropractors and other health professionals who are suddenly "marketing Guru's" and "how to get 20 clients in 20 minutes spiel . I not interested in that mentality nothing has changed from the 3 golden rules of service : 1) Build (1 to 1) relationships with Clients based on integrity 2) Give them fast efficient correct information and advice 3) Have flexible solutions to problems Treat evey client as a member of the Healy's Health extended family . Thats the secret to sucess in Business be "real' "genuine' "Loyal" and "trustworthy" and clients will keep coming back because they know you care about them . Its that simple ! and with the internet these days suplying clients with rapid information is much easier , even links to pdf files on their mobile phones etc. gives the leverage of the (1 to 1) relationship a lot of power so the practioner can still give personalised attention to every client. (of course there are the ‘rare’ exceptions in other health providers that think the same way they are usually the health providers that run their own private practice and have been in business for 30 + years are usually the tried and tested ones). Also clients recommendations of good health providers is a great way to navigate through the good, the bad and the ugly . GH
  • Can I claim private health cover with Healy’s Health?
    No we seperate ourselves from the health bureaucracies Healy's Clients come to us AFTER they have "been through the system" and usually have not achieved any significant results and out of "frustration" they call Healy's as "a last resort" so our prices are very reasonable compared to the others whose prime objective is to make money rather then get RESULTS for the client. Healy's will not lead you "down the garden path" for financial objectives if we can't get significant results in 4 to 6 weeks (sometimes only 1 session in the case of Dry Needling and mobilizations) there may be a deeper seated issue that may require referall to one of our preferred health professionals (in this case we will referr you on to one of our hand picked professionals as quoted below). Most Health Insurances you pay abou$100 per week = $5,000 per year and when you "claim a rebate" it is a small pencentage of the total cost (and many practioners simply CHARGE MORE in the first place) so in the scale of things you are better off simply saving $100 per week in a i-saver account marked (health savings) and you would be better off. But that choice is up to you, work out Health Insurance verses actual cost of treatments over 12 months and work it out for yourself . GH No because Healy’s Health has chosen not to be associated with any of the heath associations or bureaucracies, however, if we refer you to our preferred medical Doctor or Doctor of Chiropractic they have heath rebates facilities . In the meantime we have AFTERPAY available where you get instant $600 credit (if your over 18 years old) and the can pay off interest free over 4 Installments by 2 weekly payments easy ! Go to > to register now ! also we have pay pal ___________ CASH ____________ or direct transfer to Healys Health (abn 50-711-604-560)bank account NAB BSB 084-263 acc 481-63-7810 _____________ receipts issued for tax purposes if required______________ (so we have a system that operates completely seperately from the bureaucracy and doesnt cost you large monthly installments in order to get rebates. The Healy's way is geared to fit anybodies normal budget and income capacity.) In saying that the majority of clients that come to Healy’s health have ‘been processed through the health bureaucratic system’ and come to Healy’s as a “last resort” plus our treatments usually work in 2 or 3 sessions sometimes 1 session is enough. Regarding Health Insurance, this is money making system designed to ‘feed off you being sick’ (although in some circumstances health insurance is advisable of course), but Healy’s Health policy is that the best health insurance is ‘keeping a healthy lifestyle ’diet, exercise, vitamins, natural medicinal herbs etc . believe me I have studied medical pathophysiology and 95 % of all disease is caused by lifestyle habits, obesity, lack of exercise, bad eating habits , high sugar diets etc (the Fast Food high sugar Man) is the root cause of 95% of all disease, Healy's sort out the ROOT CAUSE not just band-aid the symptoms in a never ending circle like "ground hogg day" experiences . SOLUTIONS to Health problems is our Focus. Healy’s Health reconstructs the TOTAL INDIVIDUAL mind, body & Spirit.
  • What’s the difference between Chiropractic adjustments and Healy’s Mobilizations?
    a Chiropractic adjustment is a high velocity low amplitude HVLA to enable a vertebrae to be re-set into its correct position or alignment (it may be pressing on a nerve) (if this is the case the Healy’s will refer you to one of our preferred Chiropractors as x-rays may be required to diagnose) (Refer to Healy’s scope of practice flow chart) Healy’s mobilizations are generally working on the muscles and tendons (sometimes with Dry Needling, activator, massage machine, cupping, or IASTM tools, isometric “Yoda Style” stretching etc.) and during this process the body re-aligns itself due to the relaxation of the muscle . (IASTM tools pictured) Also Graham specializes in general skeletal mobilizations that he has learned and developed over the last 40 years as a professional sports coach-trainer-mentor and athlete including Olympic style weightlifter, elite level martial arts etc.
  • Global Dry Needling how does it work ?
    The body operates by a whole entity mind, body & spirit. The nervous system connects every part of the body like a massive network of electrical cables throughout every fibre and cell and muscle of the body . In fact scientifically and medically the body operates on electric charge and impulses in much the same way as a circuit does in your house.(this can be recorded scientifically as small electric charges in the brain and every cell in your body opens and closes cell doors by "electric potential" either +ve or -ve refer: boundless/ If there is a "electrical fault " in your house it "throws the fuse box switch" and shuts down a particular circuit , the body does EXACTLY THE SAME WITH TRIGGER POINTS . The muscle is damaged (micro tears-stresses-strains) and the electrical system of the body SHUTS IT DOWN (and forms a nodule of bound up muscle fibres) that effects the whole surrounding area and this just COMPOUNDS if left untreated. TREATMENTS You can go through the agony of roller balls or roller cylinders that cause EXTREME PAIN or you can get treated by DRY NEEDLING the trigger point (usung a acupunture needle) deep into the Trigger point itself which is in comparison almost painless (bit like a mosquito bight) and by doing this we release the trigger point and the area heals super fast nomally in 24-48 hours . GLOBAL TREATMENTS as the body is a complete unit Mind, body and Spirit and interconnected completely a GLOBAL DRY NEEDLING TREATMENT is like a complete car general service. we needle the calves, quads, lower back, mid thorasic, occupit, neck and traps . Leave the needles in for 15 to 40 minutes AND THE BODY RE-SETS ITSELF ! you will feel a warm "heavy feeling" as the electrical circuits recalabrate themselves (you physically see the muscles "twitching" under electrical impulse energy. Healys Musculo Skeletal dry needling overview of global scope of muscles treated a complete list : SPECIFIC PROBLEM AREAS If we locate a specific problem area then we FOCUS on that area in particular , so we go from Global to Specific and visa a versa. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DRY NEEDLING and ACUPUNCTURE ? Dry needling focuses of specifc muscular trigger points as described above. (we use the same acupuncture needles) ACUPUNCTURE ? This is the ancient chinese art of meridians and energy flow . The meridians do crossover at junction points with the bodys nervous system but its is a different system of diagnosis developed by the ancient chinese doctors , and the acupuncture needles are not placed in as deep as a dry needling proceedure is as the targets are different . Dry Needling is the muscluar trigger point and acupuncture is the nerve-meridian-junction points (different focus and diagnostic system) . both are effective for different things. THE GREAT ADVANTAGE WITH Graham Healy's Education in Dry needling is that his teacher and mentor Dr.Wayne Mahmoud is a MASTER ACUPUNCTURIST as well as a Doctor of Ostopathy so we have the best of both disciplines . There is in some case minor cross overs but our main focus is DRY NEEDLING of Musculo Skeletal trigger points . One of the pioneers of dry Needing in the USA: Dr. Jan Dommerholt, PT, DPT, MPS (also an associate of Dr Wayne Mahmoud) Interview with Dr.Dommerholt:
  • Dry Needling Explained in depth and the process
    I have reproduced (with permission) (pages 360-361) of Dr Nikita .A.Vizniak's book PHYSICAL MEDICINE you can purchase this book by going to Dr.Vizniak's web site I strongly recommed all material and books written by Dr. Vizniak, in my considered opinion his is one of the best global educators in the field of muscular-skelatal therapy and has, as I do, a INTEGRATED approach to therapy overall. Graham Healy DRY NEEDLING WORKS FAR MORE RAPIDLY THAN ANY OTHER THERAPY ! thats why I place DN as number 1 therapy for clients as one of my clients Dr.Matt Bambling had lateral epicondylitis for years and had been to 7 other therapists (some giving him as much as 10 treatments ) and NONE OF IT WORKED ! Dr.Matt came to me and one session of dry needling done correctly SOLVED THE PROBLEM ! and it never came back ! (refer Dr.Matts testimony here) Here is the correct clinical process for dry needling by Dr. Vizniak and the process followed by Graham Healy as well as Dr Wayne W Mahmoud Osteopath & Master Acupuncturist & Dry Needler. (teacher and qualifier of Graham Healy) . click the Images to get a expanded view
  • Dr Matt Bambling who is he and what is his relationship with Healy's ?
    Dr Matt Bambiling is a bio-chemist and research scientist (also a Qualified Psychologist)he is Healy's Health chief adviser on all natural medicines, supplements and vitamins.Refer Longetivty and Anti-aging page :
  • Myotherapy ? Remedial Massage ? whats the difference between these and Healy's Musculo Skeletal Therapy ?
    Remedial Masssage is a 6 months full time course at a TAFE colledge ? 6 months is hardly enough time to get anything but a very basic understanding of the anotamy from a very surface massage perspective . refer Course Link on Australian Government Site : Myotherapy is a diploma level course delivered over 12 months again a very basic education is required and not a great deal of in depth of knowledge refer outline of course here : Government web site outline here : Healys Musculo Skeletal Therapy (Graham Healy ) has completed 5 years University studies to complete a bachelors in med-science-chiropratic (final competion end of 2021) This is a university level education and in 2022-23 (Mr.Healy will complete his Masters) This means the DEPTH of knowledge far exceeds the education level of both the diploma in myotherapy and Remedial Massage so the diagnostic skills in musculo skelatal, neurology and general Integration of the holestic approach backed up with 40 years of "real world' experience gives the client a great choice in choosing Healy's musculo Skeletal Therapy. Graham has complete a wide range of qualifications in his scope of practice including Masters in Dry Needling (Aug 2021) , diplomas in sports coaching, and personal training, as well as a qualified TAFE teacher , Graham delivered the Fitness 3 and 4 courses to many students . Graham also worked for 20 years with Dr Paul Ryan (Chiropractor) in rehabilitation of thousands of clients . So with Healy's Musculo Skeletal Therapy you have a ONE STOP PAIN FIX IT SHOP thats is TOTALLY INTEGRATED . refer link to Healy's muscular Skeletal Therapy scope of practice : comparisons of the education levels of all the health profesionals : Medical Doctor , Doctors of Chiropratic , Remial Masssage , Physiotherapy etc It is worth noting that a Dr of Chiropratic verses a Medical Doctor at university level education the hours spent on the medical subjects : Anatomy Chiro 275 hrs (NOTE almost 100 hrs MORE) Med GP 182 hrs Diagnostic Imaging Chiro 301 hrs (NOTE x3 TIMES MORE) Med GP 100 hrs soft tissue mobilization Chiro 126 hrs Med GP zero Orthopaedics Chiro 594 hrs (NOTE x11 TIMES MORE ) Med Gp 45 hrs Rehabilation Chiro 220 hrs Med GP zero SO YOU CAN SEE THAT THE CHIROPRACTIC EDUCTION LEVEL IS FAR MORE IN DEPTH IN RADIOLOGY , ORTHOPAEDICS and PHYSIOLOGY then the base education of a medical GP (before they specialize or become a specialist with advanced studies ) So Healys Musculo Skeletal Therapies is based on the above hours of university level education so the depth is there for YOU the Client. reference link :
  • Why does Healy’s work better than just the other individual health practitioners?
    the holistic RESULTS based approach based on 40 years of experience to what really actually works. Over the last 65 years of life Graham Healy has had every treatment known to man applied to him first, before ever applying it to a client. One thing is learning university level theory and a completely different experience working your way through a ‘personal sports injuries’ and seeing who can really help you as Graham Healy has done on numerous occasions. You do not have to re-discover the wheel with Graham Healy he’s “been there done that and got the t-shirt.” You just get the RESULTS!
  • What is the difference of your specialized “Yoda Style” stretching system ? And how is this different from Yoga or pilates ?
    “Yoda Style” stretching system has been practiced and developed by Graham Healy under the guidance of Martial Arts Korean Grandmaster Yun.(refer page below) (Grandmaster Yun pictured demonstrating stretching) Yoga is a gentle style of stretching (various forms are different) Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates interestingly a self-defense instructor and circus performer and invented his ‘system’ while in his prison bed , hence the palates table, it’s based of resistance stretching and correct breathing In contrast the Healy’s Health “Yoda style” rehabilitation stretching combines both the above principals (Yoga and Pilates) and uses the body to resist against itself in active isometric movements “stretching with a purpose” it then prepares the participant for dynamic action like martial arts kicks etc.However the rehabilitation testimonies from this style of stretching are outstanding , like “frozen hips” released , knee pain resolved, lower back pain fixed , upper thoracic pain fixed , cervical-neck pain relieved, ”frozen shoulders fixed etc” , wrists strengthened (one client with two broken wrists from motor bike accident wearing wrist braces ‘Fixed in 4-6 weeks “ of “yoda style” stretch & strengthening system. I have developed the system from the base taught to me by Grandmaster Yun to the ULTIMATE REHABILITATION SYSTEM with proven long term results.Testimonies here: Style rehabilitation stretching with a purpose with further recent testimonies: Yes you can do the “Yoda Style” separate from the martial arts class.
  • I’ve been to a lot of Health practitioners (Chiropractic, physiotherapy, Medical Doctors) and some of it works but only short term why is that?"
    In the case of a Chiropractor, they may do an adjustment(HVLA) but if the client does not do rehab or strengthening of the problem area then the problem re-occurs and you’re back for another adjustment or on the ‘drip and feed’ or ‘click and flick’ circuit. In the case of the medical doctor GP(General practitioner) they are basically trained in the use of prescription medicines for pathogens like influenza etc and some minor surgery (like stitching a wound) beyond the GP status is the Surgeon who is a GP that has specialized and done extra training in his specific modality (Brain, Eye surgeon, back surgeon, Heart surgeon, knee surgeon etc) their FOCUS is on that specific body part that they ‘specialize in ‘and usually are the last port of call for a patient that has no other perceived options. (Hopefully that patient has complete informed medical opinions and disclosures on the risks involved prior to any surgery) In the case of physiotherapy, they are not qualified to diagnose legally (that is the scope of practice of the medical doctor) and the physiotherapist normally works under instructions from the medical doctor say in a post operative scenarios and this is good if you’ve had a car accident of some sort of surgery, the physiotherapist will help you walk again etc. but that’s normally the limit of the scope of practice (unless they specialize). So you may have gotten out of hospital, recovered and told to ‘go to the gym’ for maintenance. However what happens then? And you still have pain? Or are not quite right? Who does the programming in the gym? Are they qualified? or more importantly experienced enough? To write a correct rehabilitation program that actually works to get results? (has the patient complete informed medical opinions and disclosures on the risks involved) . That’s where Healy’s come in our INTEGRATED APPROACH. where Healy’s Health looks at the BIG PICTURE through the lens of mind, body and spirit. Read the testimony by Dr. Mathew Bambling who went to 7 other practitioners before coming to Graham Healy Here: and the problem NEVER CAME BACK. One of the main Reasons is that Graham Healy’s experience both as an athlete and as a health consultant helped diagnose Dr.Matt’s problem and FIX IT where all the others could not. Read other testimony’s here :
  • When I go to my Medical Doctor they send me to a physio why ?
    Medical GP's focus is on Pharmacology (precription drugs) they have very minimal study on muscular skeletal (unless they are an Orthopaedic surgeon) so their natural responce is : 1) prescribe drugs for the pain 2) refer to a physiotherapist The physiotherapist is not qualified to diagnose and usually has to operate under the instructions of the Medial GP or (Orthopaedic surgeon) and in most cases the physio takes care of the post operative patients . In Australia rarely do Medical GP's refer to Doctors of Chiropratic as there seems a bias to keep to the Med GP- physio relationship (in house) and you find that even work cover will not pay for services unless the client goes via a Med GP to Physio. This is not Patient Focused but money focused both with the Insurance company, work cover and the bias in house loop between Med GP and physio . The Patient usually (after going through this loop many times and in many cases over many years ) without significant Results or Relief of Pain but a lot less financially before they realize there are other options to this 'ground hog' day circuit . Healy's musculo skeletal therapy ALWAYS RECEIVES CLIENTS at the end of the above loop who out of frustration eventually contact Healy's . Healy's has a simple system : 1) Diagnose the real root cause (if the problem still exists over time then obviously there is a misdiagnosis) 2) refer to our prefered Doctor of Chiropratic (if the case is complicated from a muscular skeletal point of view or requires x-rays, MRI etc ) or if not and the case is within the scope of practice of Healy's then a client plan will be proposed and executed over a 4 to 6 week period, sometimes in coordination with a Dr. of Chiropratic contributing some of the treatments . Disclaimer : this is not to say that Healy's will not refer to a Medical GP if required we will not hesitate to do that for medical issues that require precription drugs etc however , in the scope of muscular skeletal often (in our experience) the medical GP to physio pathway does not get satisfactory results and the client starts lookiing for alternative options . And that is where the majority of Healy's clients come from. refer client testimonies here:
  • The Nautilus lower back machines and torso twist machines how do they work ? and how do they fit in with the Healy’s Health programming ?
    Nautlius machines were invented by Arthur Jones refer Graham Healys web site on high intensity training Jones used the profits and sale of his extensive real estate holdings to finance MedX Corporation. Utilizing research from the University of Florida's Center for Exercise Science, he devised a new generation of machines to address lower back, neck, and knee concerns. Introduced in 1987, his breakthrough technology brought about spinal rehabilitation by positioning patients to ensure the proper muscles are targeted and computerizing their functional strength throughout the treatment. Graham Healy owned one of the original nautilus health centers in 1985-93 and discovered first hand the value of the nautilus lower back and torso twist and abdominal machines for ultimate core strength and re-building and isolating the erector spinae group of lower back muscles for rehabilitation purposes. No other machines are better than the gen 1 and gen 2 nautilus machines.
  • What is the relevant RISKS ? Of anything done in the Healy’s Health or Healy’s Musculo Skeletal therapy system ?
    Practically ZERO as all systems have been tried and tested by Graham Healy personally over time including the Musculo Skeletal Therapy systems outlined on my ‘scope of practice” refer here for full disclosure and PDF download : 100% safe AND risk free ! In comparison these are the risks involved with other health practitioners that you don’t hear about or are not disclosed (until you being wheeled into the operating theatre) when it’s too late to make an objectively based informed decision. Firstly a disclaimer before I start there are some circumstances when invasive surgery is required but this is always a last resort and you should have full medical disclosures and make informed decisions before you do anything, also its is good to cross reference with other medical health advise and opinions even diagnosis will vary dramatically before you make any informed decisions on your health remember its YOUR DECISION ! Risks on Surgery ? Surgical decision-making has evolved over time, and what was once an intuitive matter for surgeons has now become a multi-faceted decision with increased expectations from medical staff and patients, making the decision-making process itself often as challenging as the technical procedure. When planning the most appropriate treatment for a patient, it is important to distinguish what we aim to achieve with regards to treating the pathology from what can be realistically expected from the patient physiologically. In other words, has the patient the potential to withstand the insult of the treatment itself and what are the risks involved? By quantifying this risk and making it a key part of surgical decision-making, we can arrive at the safest modality of treatment for an individual patient. This allows realistic expectations for the patient, helping them to make an informed decision. Medical Risk disclosure? Doctors, especially surgeons, are often unsure which clinical risks they should disclose and discuss with patients before treatment. Leading medical malpractice cases in many countries have centered on this issue. In a sample of nearly 10,000 malpractice claims and conciliated health care complaints from Australia, we identified 481 disputes over informed consent, 45 (9%) of which were “disputed duty cases”—disagreements between patients and doctors over whether a particular clinical risk should have been disclosed before treatment Two-thirds of disputed duty cases involved surgical procedures, and the majority (38/45) of cases related to five adverse outcomes: the need for further surgery, poor cosmetic result, impaired vision or hearing, chronic pain, and infertility or sexual dysfunction The most common justifications doctors gave for non-disclosure were that the risk was too rare to warrant discussion or the specific risk was covered by a more general risk that was discussed. Although most informed consent disputes appear to involve disagreements about who said what and when, not stand-offs over whether a particular risk ought to have been disclosed, doctors may routinely underestimate the importance of a small set of risks that vex patients.
  • Why Vitamins, Health Supplements (Amino acids etc) Natural herbal medicines ?"
    Healy's foundational policy is YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST ASSET and that is best done naturally through diet, exercise and appropiate natural foods and supplements . Graham Healy leads by example and is a living restimony of "practicing what you preach" and will teach you to do the same . Vitamins, natural(amino acids) and Herbal medicanes are 'synergestic' to the body's molecular structure and the body's system accepts and recognize these substances as 'friendly' and the TGA and FDA classisfies them as Foods. (which technically they are refined versions of Food) . On the other hand "precription drugs" (although some may be necessary as Interventional medicines prescribed by your medical GP ) are manufactured in a Lab and usually come with a long list of "side-effectes" (refer to Q & A number 14 below ) . This is not to say the Precription medications are not necessary in certain situations. The Stand Healy's Health takes on this issue is Personal Diet,exercise and clean living first and formost (this includes Vitamins, Supplements and herbal medicines if required) . and as much as YOUR PARTICULAR HEALTH PROFILE PERMITS miniminal precription medications with OPTIMINAL HEALTH NATURALLY is the objective of Healys Health. (disclaimer: all Health plans by Healy's Health is done in co-operation with your Medical GP and regular tests such as blood tests and close monitoring of your Health status is always recommended to see the proof of what Healy's Health is doing for you is working, thus enabling you to make informed decisions progressively on your Health journey). BOTTOM LINE WITH ALL HEALTH STRAGIES .....IS IT WORKING ? refer Q & A 14 below for more on the difference between Natural Herbal Medicines and prescribed medications. GH
  • What is the difference between Natural herbal medicines and prescribed medicines and supplements?
    Supplements are classified as “foods” and therefore exempt from TGA and FDA in most cases. Natural herbal medicines(Chinese herbs etc) generally are in the natural synergistic state and the body ‘recognizes’ and ‘synergizes’ with natural herbal medicines with less side effects, in fact very few side effects because they are “Natural” and not manufactured chemical in a Lab as a prescription medication would be. Even though Natural medicines will go through a refining or distilling process the key elements and molecules remain “in-tact” thus being more ‘body system friendly’ and definitely more tolerate then synthetic chemicals made in a lab. Disclaimer: some prescribed medications are of course necessary like the basic tried and tested vaccines (original vaccines that stimulate your natural immunity), antibiotics etc and of course some basic blood pressure tablets. To determine or diagnose each patient is a very complicated process and requires a full medical and family history including lifestyle, dietary habits etc before any prescription medication is prescribed by your medical Doctor. Healy’s Health policy Aim is to get the client into the healthiest state possible in Mind, Body and Spirit and then through that process the client may find that they can (after consultation with their Medical Doctor) reduce the Blood Pressure Tablet dosages and various other medications that they were so dependent on in their prior “unhealthy state” (of course each step of the way is done in co-operation with Your own medical GP ) but both Healy’s and your Medical GP want you in the healthiest state possible on the least medications as possible. Healy’s Health wants you in OPTIMUM HEALTH and works from where you are now to that healthier state, often that can mean the reduction in prescribed medications as your health improves. The number 1 cause of deaths in Australia is ischemic cardiovascular disease over 18,000+ a year that’s 50 die every day and the majority of these deaths are lifestyle related and totally preventable. further data here: Where CVD was listed as the underlying cause of death: 42% were due to coronary heart disease (CHD) 20% were due to stroke 10% were due to heart failure and cardiomyopathy
  • In America FDA tried to regulate natural supplements & Herbal medicines and Failed, in Australia encapusulated products must have TGA approvals(Like we have for all Urban Muscle products) is there Heath reasons behind this ? or simply Big Pharma controlling everthing and stopping freedom of choice for YOUR HEALTH ?"
    This article is going to be expanded upon by Dr. Matt Bambling our resident Biochemist. Generally any Food supplements in Australia are Regulated (encapsulated products) by TGA and approved accordingly this costs a minium of $5,000 Aud (and you have to get the lab tests yourself at your own expence) this is just the fee to for the paperwork. Secondly, the TGA and the American FDA are greatly influenced by BIG PHAMA who make more money then the largest oil companies. If you follow the money trail you will draw your own conclusions on who to really trust and who has bias. As far as Healy's Health is concerned all or recomended supplements are : 1) screened by our resident Biochemist and research scientist Dr. Matt Bambling . 2) any branded prodicts like metagenics and Caruso Health are TGA aproved and availble to the public through screening of their own resident naturapaths , every product has credible research supporting each product and TGA approve labs to produce the product. 3)the rest are covered simply as concentrated foods like amino acids, protein powders etc (which they are natural substances extracted from natural foods) so exempt from Government regulators . The Regulators are Government bodies influenced by a board of directors quote: The TGA's statutory advisory committees are established under Part 6 of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990(link is external) (the Regulations).There are currently seven statutory advisory committees that provide independent expert advice on specific scientific and technical matters. The majority of committee members are appointed by the Minister (some specific members are determined by the relevant State and Territory jurisdictions) and must have expertise in relevant clinical or scientific fields or appropriate consumer health issues. so at the end of the day you are dealing with a Government bureaucracy with a group of "advisory committies" that filter information through the chain of command . This advise although legally binding is slow to process as with many Government bodies they are reactive not proactive and never on the leading edge but the trailing edge. So Healy's Health policy is : 1) Abide by the current TGA regulations on all of our products , but at the same time we realize that the wheels of government Bureaucracies move very slowly and have little flexibility on their policies . 2) Healy's Health navigates the best solutions for our clients through all of the above working through the TGA legal guidelines to get the best possible results for OPTIMUM HEALTH FOR EACH CLIENT without getting caught up in red-tape. 3)The Right of Independant Medical, Naturopathic and Supplement advise is a fundemental freedom of choice as to what happens to our bodies and why and that should be based on informed opinions and in line with your 'inner voice' to whats really right for you. Remember Thalidomide was approved by Government regulators and a generation of babies were born crippled because of it : T Lobotomines were also Medically approved : and Agent Orange was approved by FDA VA's Agent Orange Registry and VA Health Care for Vietnam Veterans . ... or medical device, or an investigational product not yet FDA-approved for any purpose So stand back and carefully analize the FACTS INDEPEDENTLY OVER TIME and listen to your conscience (your inner voice) before mapping out any Health routeen , including any advise , so Graham Healy after 40 years of navigating through all of the above helps all of our clients reach INFORMED DECISIONS based of time tested evidence and your "inner voice" . Note: most medications and vacines that promote the immune system were discovered 60 to 100 years ago and have stood the test of time . Chinese and Ayurveda natural herbal medicines have been used for thousands of years and many modern day lab produced medicines derive their foundations from these. At Healy's Health we screen the above though the TGA approved Naturpathic outlets to combine the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS with the ultimate aim of : MINIMIZING PRECRIPTION DRUGS (where advised through consultation with your Medical GP) and MAXIMIZING NATURAL HEALTH through diet, exercise and supplements, vitamins and natural herbal medicines (when indicated) keep the whole program as natural as possible within the framework of your heath profiling. Graham Healy
  • Prescription medication and side effects disclosures ?
    Prescription medications have a long list of “side effects” for 1 problem addressed 10 side effects are created. This has to be constantly managed by your Medical Doctor within the legal framework prescribed by the governing authorities such as in Australia the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and in USA the FDA(USA Food and Drug administration ) however there is still al lot of errors in the administration of prescription drugs on the hospital level. Quote this study listed on the US national library of Medicine-national Institute of Health: Adverse events are common in health care institutions. In a study published in 2007, the Canadian Institute for Health Information reported that “1 in 13 adult medical and surgical patients admitted to acute care hospitals in Canada in 2000 experienced an adverse event”.1 Medication errors are among the most frequent adverse events. In an international survey of adults with health problems, administered by The Commonwealth Fund, about 10% of Canadian respondents reported having received the wrong medication or dose from a health care provider in the previous 2 years.2 These errors may result in morbidity, mortality, increases in monitoring and costs of care, and delays in hospital discharge. A prospective cohort study analyzing the incidence of drug-related adverse events in 2 tertiary care hospitals showed that 34% of preventable adverse medication-related events were at the administration stage, making this category the second most frequent cause (after errors at the ordering stage, which accounted for 56% of preventable adverse medication events).3 This highlights the consideration that any and all prescribed medications has to be scrutinized carefully by YOU and you are within your legal rights to ask for FULL DISCLOSURE OF RISKS and ADVERSE REACTIONS to any prescribed medications .
  • Why dont most health providers INTEGRATE their services ? or make a "one stop pain fix-it shop" like Healy's musculo Skeletal therapy ?"
    The Simple Answer is you cannot replace 40 years of "REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE" and thats what Graham Healy delivers to his clients through Healy's Musculo Skeletal Therapy in his INTEGRATED HOLISTIC APPROACH . refer :
  • What is the number 1 Modern day disease and WHY is it caused ? and how do we solve the problem ?
    The number 1 cause of deaths in Australia is ischemic cardiovascular disease over 18,000+ a year that’s 50 die every day and the majority of these deaths are lifestyle related and totally preventable. further data here: Where CVD was listed as the underlying cause of death:42% were due to coronary heart disease (CHD)20% were due to stroke10% were due to heart failure and cardiomyopathy YES 50 Die EVERY DAY FROM CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE ! and 95% is LIFESTYLE issues ! HEALY'S HEALTH SOLUTION ? more to come soon Gh
  • Does Diabetes cause Heart attacks ? YES it does read below ....
    LONG TERM PATHOLOGICAL CHANGES Long term Diabetes Mellitus can result in significant changes in blood vessels. It can involve large blood vessels (called macroangiopathy) and small blood vessels (called microangiopathy). Large blood-vessel disease (macroangiopathy) accounts for about 70% of all deaths. Atherosclerosis occurs commonly and extensively in diabetic patients with pathological changes similar to those seen in non-diabetics but occurring earlier and being more widespread, causing ischaemic heart disease, cardiac failure, intermittent claudication (crampy pain in calves on walking due to ischaemia), gangrene and stroke. Myocardial infarction is the most common cause of death in diabetics. Type 2 Diabetes is 95% Lifefstyle related (improves dramatically with correct Nutrition, Exercise and supplements plan) HEALY'S CAN DEFINATELY HELP 100% Remember "Your Health is Your Greatest Asset " and HIDDEN SUGARS is the main contributor to Type 2 diabetes. References :
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