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Client or patient History plus Rehabilitation  

Dr. Nikita Vizniak co-operated with Personal Trainers for best outcomes for clients and patients (a system that Graham Healy has perfected ove 40 years ).

Client Patient History

Client /Patient history  is KEY in the Healys System as is working with a health professional that you trust for best outcomes for your client or patient 

Workers compensation & Rehabilitation Act Queensland 2003 (page 64)

Division 7 Rehabilitation
40 Meaning of rehabilitation
(1) Rehabilitation, of a worker, is a process designed to—
(a) ensure the worker’s earliest possible return to work; or
(b) maximise the worker’s independent functioning.
(2) Rehabilitation includes—
(a) necessary and reasonable—

(i) suitable duties programs; or

(ii) services provided by a registered person; or
(iii) services approved by an insurer; or
the provision of necessary and reasonable aids or
equipment to the worker.(b)

Workers Compensation Act Queensland 2003

Download copy of Workers Compensation act (click image) .

The Client or patient History is the most important for a correct differential diagnosis 
Be that for a rehab programme, personal fitness program, or a diagnosis from your registered Dr.of Chiropratic or Dr. of Medicine.
The system works like this :

1. Client or Patient History

2. Differential diagnosis (where appropriate) working in with the Healys rehab & PT programs
and guided by the coordinated advise between our preferred Doctors of Chiropractic, Doctors of Medicine,
    Doctors of  Psychology and bio-chemists

3. Naturapathic Medicines require a Free Health profile completed (Metagenics) refer Metegenics page 

4. Rehab or PT requires a disclaimer form filled out (see below)​

Click the tag or images below to down load the appropriate forms or check with your preferred health practitioner, rehab/PT on your first appaintment 

Rehabilitation ? who can conduct it ?

Rehabilitation can be conducted by a qualified Master Personal Trainer 
such as Graham Healy has done for over 20 years  with Dr. Paul Ryan (chiropractor now Retired) 
Graham founder of Healys Health, now operates with Dr.Marshal Mongomery and regarding naturapathic medicine Dr.Matt Bambling Psychologist and bio-chemist 
Graham is in his 4th year of Clinical medical science and will soon complete his Masters degree
as a Dr. of Chiropractic so this will  take his long successful physical career to another level.
In the mean time Graham still conducts his proven Rehabilitation Programs.
Graham is also a strong advocate of famous Canadian Chiropractor Dr.Nikita Vizniak 
who has written over 13 training Manuals on holistic health and rehabilitation & chiropractic and is a heath professional recognized world wide as the top of his field. 

 it is crucial to ask patients to demonstrate the stretches they are performing to ensure proper technique & injury avoidance
(during the initial visit and on follow up visits)

Stretches should be held for 15-30 seconds or if the tissue release is felt & performed after a mild warm up
(after activity or 5 minute walk or jumping on place). 
Long held stretches prior to physical activity actually increases the risk of injury!
You are far better off to perform a range of motion warm-up prior and stretch following activity.

Dr. Nikita Vizniak

Healys musculoskeletal Therapy and Personal Training  covers all your rehabilitation needs 
with 40 years first hand experience and preferred health professional associations.  

In my experience 95% of clients have at some stage lower back pain, the USA national Institute of Neuro disorders quotes 80% (Click here) irrespective the percentage of Lower back pain sufferers is somewhere between 80-95% GH 

( Healy's reserve the right to refer clients to our preferred health care practitioners who are personally selected by Graham Healy  for their holistic approach 
Healy's believe in co-operative cross-matching with like minded health professionals who have the clients best interests at heart as the motivating factor rather then financial gain)  

Click the button above and we will represent you as a health advocate for the best informed choices for your health needs acting in your best interests.

DC = Dr of Chiropratic , MD = Medical Doctor , PT = Physio 

Note: physio not a registerested Doctor in Australia 

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