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*Neck & Shoulders pain/soreness/stiffness? 
*Lower back /Thoracic/pain/soreness/stiffness?
*Hips/Hamstrings/Feet /pain/soreness/stiffness?
*All of the above ?

Our Guarantee.....your muscular tension will be released by Healy's unique integrated system .
Muscular Tension can be the "root cause" of headaches, neck & hip & back pain, there are other factors, but the "release" of the muscular system can correct these other elements .

Graham Healy has developed this system over 40 years the last 20 years in co-operation with Dr.Paul Ryan (Chiropractor) & recently with Dr.Marshal Montgomery (Chiropractor).
Graham conducts the rehabilitation, stretching & muscular-skeletal release of clients muscular system issues.
With any complications  they are  referred to our preferred Chiropractors for deeper diagnostics and "specific adjustments if required and or x-rays " .

NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEE A PHYSIOTHERAPIST, in fact most of our clients come from unsuccessful physiotherapy trying to treat the 'surface issues' rather then the "root cause" of the problem, in Muscular-skeletal problems the best combination is Dr. of Chiropractic in synergy with a  Muscular-skeletal therapist /master Personal trainer such as Graham Healy. (Refer Client history page)

A Medical Doctor generally uses a physiotherapist for hospital post operation rehabilitation.
The Dr.of Chiropractic co-operating with the  Healys muscular-skeletal integrated system usually receives  clients that have not got the results they have expected from physiotherapy, or have reached the limit of the scope of the physiotherapist (which is  the case with most of the clients received by Healy's) .
Remember, in matters Muscular-skeletal & neurology its the Dr.of Chiropractic who does 13 times more university studies in orthopedics and 3 times more X-ray diagnostics then a Medical GP, each has his/her scope of practice .
Healys Muscular-Skeletal FOCUS is on the best RESULTS for CLIENTS and Graham Healy also acts as a legal Health Advocate for clients that feel their FREEDOM OF HEALTH CARE CHOICE is being manipulated or 'steamrolled" by unethical operators who are focused on FINANCIAL "churn & burn" of Clients rather then the Well-being & RESULTS for YOU the CLIENT .
Healys Muscular-skeletal guarantees YOU that we will give you personalized attention just like a extended family member .(See our page on Health Advocacy) 
Yours sincerely ,
Graham Healy 

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