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Masters in Dry Needling, Rehab, Sports-fitness, Age care
Number 1 Rule "You will leave with LESS PAIN GUARANTEED"


You would have been to everybody else before you come to us read Dr. Matt's testimony here.

Close up of a men's quadruple skulls rowing team, seconds after the start of their race_ed
Healys Health sanctuary
Healys Musculo skeletal Therapy
Yoga by the Ocean
Lower back pain
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( Healy's reserve the right to refer clients to our preferred health care practitioners who are personally selected by Graham Healy  for their holistic approach 
Healy's believe in co-operative cross-matching with like minded health professionals who have the clients best interests at heart as the motivating factor rather then financial gain)  

Graham Healy Healys Health

 "The Complete Healy's Lower Back-system" By Graham Healy
If you have tried for years to get a Solution for Lower Back care and have just got the 'run-around' discover the BIG PICTURE (below) 

Use of IASTM Tools By Dr.Nikita Vizniak
Revolutionary for Muscle Adhesion's etc 

Healys Health Urban Muscle Supplements 
Australian owned company 

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Nautilus torso twist
Surgery with No Positive Outcomes

This Is my Introduction and overview by Graham Healy

This Is my more detailed overview on lower back care by Graham Healy

4 corners report by Dr Norman Swan
reporting that 20-50% of medical proceedures on knees,lower back and heart


(full programe click here)

health Funds rebates
HICAP Health Funds Rebates Available

Note: Healy's Musculo-Skeletal
is not part of the Health fund system 
other Practitioners listed on this site may be
please check with the individual practitioner
on making appointment. 

Health Finds Rebates

HICAPS is an acronym for Health Industry Claims and Payments Service.
It’s an electronic health claims system that allows you to claim Medicare, WorkSafe Victoria, or private-health Extras
benefits at the time of payment.

When a service provider gives you the bill for your treatment, you hand them your Medicare, Work-Safe Victoria, or health-fund membership card, and they swipe it through an electronic HICAPS machine. The machine then automatically processes your claim. If you are claiming from your health fund, its contribution will be processed on the spot, and you pay the remaining gap if applicable claim.

HICAPS covers most ancillary services from a variety of providers including participating
doctors, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors and physiotherapists, muscular skeletal therapists where applicable .


There are many reasons causing Lower Back pain, this web site doesn't claim to solve Lower back pain without clear outlined procedures to identify the root cause

of the Lower back problem in the first place . This may NOT be successful , depending on the "root cause" of the problem once identified we will suggest a

rehabilitation plan based on our qualified advisers opinions and evidence from x-rays, it is then completely up to the client to decide what to do from there .
Our objective is to give the client a wide range of options based on clearly gathered facts obtained through our process..
Our process is as detailed by the above chart(*) :  
Referral to our Fully Qualified Doctors of Chiropractic (registered in Australia.)
When indicated & appropriate referrals for  x-rays are completed by fully qualified X-ray radiologist (registered in Australia)
Acupuncture by fully registered Acupuncturist (registered in Australia, trained in China and Australia)
Rehabilitation by Healy's Health Diploma in Fitness & Sports Coaching specializing in lower back care (Educated and Registered in Australia ) 
Healy's Musculo-Skeletal is a stand alone business refer scope of practice & disclaimer on bookings page 

Lower Limb advise (hips to feet) is referred if necessary to our fully Qualified Podiatrist (Qualified and Registered in Australia)

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